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Good ways to Lure the interviewer And/or HR into hiring someone over 50


Good ways to Lure the interviewer And/or HR into hiring someone over 50

One way I know is to cut down the amount of experiences.  Because I know that if you list something like 45 different things when it comes to talent, that may make the person that is doing the hiring that they are for sure getting a 50+ year old and not someone that is 20+.  I know that one American Idol contestant was already annoyed with the upper age limit being set at 28 so he died his hair white in protest of the age limit.  But I wonder if anyone else has a way to lure the Human Resources and the interviewer into saying yes to you eventbough you are over 50.  Like one way to make your resume look like if he is hiring a 23-year-old and then he has fallen into a trap finding out that he just hired a man who is 62.  Now if I wanted to work for a trash hauler part time, and wanted to be an assistant in the truck at my age, how would I go about luring the company into hiring someone my age to be a trashman's assistant?

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