Disabled, Registered Nurse looking for Part-Time work from Home. Newborn and Postpartum

I am a 61 year old disabled Registered Nurse.  I still have a lot of life and nursing knowledge to give, but I just can't work in a hospital setting.  I have chronic back pain and also an immune disorder, so working in public is not recommended.  I have lots of newborn and postpartum experence, as well as patient teaching in this area of nursing.  All I need is a Part-Time position since I can only make so much on disability, and with my health issues I can't afford to lose that imncome.  I have a current multi-state Texas license and have kept up all continued education.  If anyone reads this that has any ideas, I would like to hear them, and I want to thank you in advance.  I have approximately 29 hours toward my MSN, but couldn't afford to complete.  I hope to in the future.  


Thank You,  Cindy Wilson RNBSN




Have you contacted local healthcare temp agencies? I just did a Google search and several came up. I'm not overlooking the "disabled" portion of your title. I'm disabled too, but we're both still VALUABLE. Give that a try or perhaps approach a nearby healthcare facility.



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