Careers for 60+ and Disabled

I have worked with Voc Rehab and other organizations and I still don't have a job. I just turned 60 and I am also physcially disabled. I walk with a cane. I did not work for over 10 years due to health issues and a car accident. I have over 20+ years management experience,but I no longer have the patience or energy for that job. I would love to work in the Medical Field at an Entry Level. Any suggestions? PS  No college HS Grad   Looking for part-time work Thanks,Anita

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Hey.  Where do you live?  Mercy here in St. Louis is always hiring.  The EVS department is very short.  Metro here has a paratransit service called Call-a-Ride and they are good at transporting people in ther 60s and those with disabilites.  What ever talents you have, we could use your help.  Go to and go to the career page.  

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