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Are you preparing for a return to work?

Has your employer temporarily closed or allowed teleworking during the pandemic? How are you preparing for the eventual return to work?GettyImages-154035399.jpg_large.jpg


Our firm is pivoting to an all online workforce.  In the article “Telecommuting Comes of Age” by Kerry Hanson it states some of the benefits.  One wrong spin  is provide in point #5.  Hanson states that a typical employer can save $11,000 per 1/2 time telecommuter per year.  Rather this should reflect that employers can afford to increase pay with the savings in not needing to provide office space, lunch rooms, parking garages...  We need to shout about using this “savings” to reduce the pay gap from the top down.

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As employees return to workplaces that have been shut down for weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic, they are bringing their questions about their personal safety with them. Learn more in Workers' Rights: What Your Boss Can and Can't Do During the Pandemic.


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