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social security help when to file ? Help!!!


social security help when to file ? Help!!!

Hello My name is Stacie Daigle I work for the a public school in Louisiana as a food service worker for about three years now. My husband passed away in 2014 and my survivors benefit at or before retirement age will be significantly larger than what I would collect for TRS at retirement. My question is if I do not file for TRS when I file for survivor benefits will they still reduce my benefit just because they are aware of it or would you actually have to file for both for them to reduce your survivor benefit ? It seems that it would be wise to collect my widow benefits first than collect TRS after that would run out? This is real confusing could you please write back with some advice. 

my sons are 22 and 18. my youngest son collects social security benefits till he is 19 but my question is can I file for my survivor benefit at 60 and choose not to file for teachers retirement till I have to that is  If and when my survivor benefit would ever run out. Or Is that not allowed by social security, once you file you have to decide it has to be one or the other ?

Thank you 

Thank you 
Stacie Daigle , confused widow in Louisiana 48 years of age
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Hello @StacieD317806, tomorrow evening AARP is hosting an educational event that may be of interest to you.  The topic is When should you claim the Social Security retirement benefits you’ve earned? This is Part I of a free webinar (Part II is Sept. 27) and you may register here. Thank you.

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