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Stimulus/ retirees

hubby and I are both 70 and retired . we havent filed taxes in 6yrs   do you think we will get a stimulus check . has anybody gotten one in our same siTUATION. THANKS Roz

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I'm retired on SSA about your same age, filed a tax form in 2018, $0 extra income earned, I just file a paper form to make sure they know I'm still alive and that no one else tries to file in my name.


I'm in the low income range, don't care to work for any of the jerks that have infested Florida these days. Don't want to pay me a decent wage with a "what do you need the money for, your retired". Bah


Just some notes on my experience:


Got my SSA today via my Direct Express card, no $1,200 stimulus check increase.

Direct Express sms text notification still does not work.


Got a Food Stamp (SNAP) increase to the maximum amount right quick but with no notification so I had spent more cash on food that was necessary for the month. Only way I knew about the increase was checking my account via the web site as my time to renew is coming up.

No news on the Florida Department and Children & Families current news page of the state run web site as to the increase. I had to Google it to find the information.


IRS Get/Check my stimulus tool is totally useless.

Social Security Matters | The Official Blog of Social Security is a BIG JOKE!

Just a bunch of run around, It's the Treasury, Go to IRS, watch the news, open the country up! Even though the numbers are still going up here in the USA & Worldwide.


News and Talk Radio info is most us little people have got nothing, even people that are laid off/out of a job have gotten little or no unemployment or that $600 Fed check.

Big companies with lawyers get hundreds of millions. (Trumps pals?)


For the people that are complaining about us retires getting a stimulus check, well how about I need the money to buy some N95 masks, not just 1 like the hospital I use to work in would give me, but a case or two as if I go out into a infected world do you really want to bring a contaminated mask into your household? Believe me, I've been trained in this and have gone through a hospital setting that were cheap on PPE, you know don't want the department to go over budget someone may not get their bonus.


And the animosity and vitriol is just unbelievable, sorry to be such a bother (us old people). When I moved to Florida, the senior population was a majority at 65%, now they say it is 20%, plus the 'Herd Mentality' considers us to be only 2% of the population and who cares if we go to the grave.


It's a dog eat dog world out there these days, as John Morgan in Orlando Fox TV AD says
"The world can be a dangerous and scary place."


I think it's time for a Catholic president...


"Don't worry about the oil running out, worry about the food running out"
Professor Al Bartlett PhD (emeritus 1923-2013)
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I'm 74 and haven't filed taxes in 9 or 10 years. No mention of when Retirees will be receiving their Stimulus funds. IRS & Mnuchin keep saying that Retirees on Social Security don't have to do anything that the information they need will be on the SSA-1099. Here it is now April 18 and nothing about my direct deposit of my SS benefits nor the Stimulus funds. Seems to me that they are handling those who filed tax returns first. No indication as to when Retirees will be getting their Stimulus Funds who are only on Social Security Income.
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