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Social security facts

The November 2021 bulletin , page 4 talks about SSI. A brief history researched for 3 years shows how ONE person have made it his lifes goal to destroy SSI.  From day one, Joe Biden have sponsored or negotiated bills to  destroy SSI, and has been successful.  See research article on  The only reason SSI could be in trouble is that besides allowing immigrants to qualify, the waters of SSI became muddied when program changed to current. FDR created a BRILLINT plan, if  the congress would have left it.  The Interest alone would have allowed FULL COLA for all.  BUT, sponsored and manipulated by Joe Biden, the so called "Large Fund  Available " to rescue reckless spending by Biden party took OUR money and placed into the general fund.  AND, now they are trying to claim those who enter our country for "sanctuary"  deserve OUR retirement funds. Note that the contribution work requirement timeline was eliminated by Biden's proposals. ( schematics blurring details abound ) 

Ted K Sr.  

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