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SSI Eligible Letter from SSA in Wilkes Barre PA PO Box

I got a letter from the Social Security Administration which looks very official with all the little code lines, fine print and the little square box with black hashes that I guess you take a picture with you phone and it connects you up with something. I've been checking the SSA site (and IRS) for stimulus information and all I see in the blog section is fraud this fraud that.  MY SSA account online message center have made no mention of this letter and I have the paperless tickbox selected.

Website say no office visit's for SSA do all online, but no SSI online applications for low income over 65 must call (different number).


So with all this confusion I run the letter phone number through the net search to only find 1 positive reference for that it is a bonafide social security agency number, most say the 800# is a scam without elaboration. Still suspicious I call the number on my anonymous VoIP phone app number. First call came through very garbled so try again. Second call was loud and clear and when I questioned the man on the other end for some verification that this was a real letter/number for the SSA he came back with what I would call a hot tempered boiler room attitude berating me for questioning him on 'FREE MONEY'!  I did get out of him that this was some 'special program' started in November and it was being handled out of the Kansas Office. I left him with I'll call my regional office in Atlanta to check this program which kind of set him off even more ending the phone call.

Rather than calling Atlanta I looked up the Kansas SSA office number and gave them a call only to end up on the useless menu option and the elevator music wait music session to get to a human being. (that's why I didn't bother calling my local office)


The question I ask here is has anyone heard of this recent 'special program'?


Of course I watch the news (all) and heard nothing about this, searched the net and the only thing I could reference for a SSI special is from these YouTube Stimulus Update shysters referring to a $200 stimulus bonus for SSD/SSDI/SSI recipients.


Today's activity will most likely be spent listening to elevator music from Local/Kansas/Atlanta, but we may have to jig the system with the "If you know your parties extension enter it now" lifehack.




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I responded today to your other post which you made today on the Social Security Board entitled  "Social Security COLA Set at 1.3 Percent for 2021". 

I believe there might be a connection here so I will give you some info from SSA/Medicare/SSI.


It MIGHT BE, mind you I am just guessing, that they may be asking you to see if you qualify for Medicare EXTRA HELP- perhaps specifically Part D or Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage or maybe even more.  You can check the various phone #s and letter formats (color coded) on these SSA & Medicare websites to see if they correlate to what you are investigating.


Social - Medicare Extra Help - Prescription Drug Coverage - Find your level of Extra Help (Part D)  ( This link describes the letters and their various colors and their meaning)  Since you said it was from SSA - it could also be a "Notice of Award" - see the link.


Some other links on the same subject:  Medicare EXTRA HELP - Get help with your Medicare costs  - great link if this is what it is. - Get Help Paying Cost 


I hope this helps - sure sounds like what it might be when I put both of your post together.






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