Applying for Social Security, application date vs. application submission date

I started my application for SS benefits on Jan 31st at age 69 with the intention of submitting it later in the year at age 70. On exiting the process before the application was finished I got this instruction: "We may use 01/31/2021 as the official date of your application for Social Security benefits. In order to use 01/31/2021, we must receive the signed application by 08/01/2021 or you may lose Social Security benefits." My question is, will the amount I receive be based on my age at the time of my application, 69, or on my age on the date the application is submitted, age 70? The difference between age 69 and 70 is about $1,000/yr.

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Did you want it to start before 08/01/2021 ?  Your 70th birthday?

Four months before the retirement date (70th birthday max) is usually the time period when you should actually apply  - sounds like you didn't complete the application and plus there are those documents which they may require to process it.  Think you will be fine since you aren't there yet but double check with them.

Here is some info that may also help you -

Set up, if you haven't already done so, your - "My Social Security account"  - you can see if anything has been processed at all. - well maybe shortly since it just went through to them. 


Four months before you want to start your benefits, make sure your application is complete, including any docs they need and you get a verification letter - (online in your My Social Security acct and probably in the mail too). 

Read these pages and these topics: - Retirement Benefits: Delayed Retirement Credits 


Social - Retirement Benefits 

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Thanks for the reply. You're right, I hadn't completed the application. Further on in the application the applicant can specify the date on which benefits should start. That answered my question.

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