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2023 Social Security and Medicare Trustee Report - Just Release

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2023 Social Security and Medicare Trustee Report - Just Release

Just posting the link to this annual report that was just released - FYI. - Office of the Chief Actuary - 2023 Social Security and Medicare Trustee Report - SUMMARY


The Trustees could have just changed a few dates from previous reports and the Conclusion has been basically the same since about 2010.


From the link:


The 2023 Trustees Reports indicate a need for substantial changes to address Social Security’s and Medicare’s financial challenges. The Trustees recommend that lawmakers address the projected trust fund shortfalls in a timely way in order to phase in necessary changes gradually and give workers and beneficiaries time to adjust their expectations and behavior. Implementing changes sooner rather than later would allow more generations to share in the needed revenue increases or reductions in scheduled benefits. With informed discussion, creative thinking, and timely legislative action, Social Security and Medicare can continue to protect future generations.



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