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I purchased a Telikin because of the ad I came across in the AARP Bullitin.  I  recently changed banks and in doing so I noticed they were deducting $19.95 from my account.  I called them to see just what this charge was for.  I was instructed to go to my setting to read the contract.  When I did, the page that popped up stated " UGH there has been an error", so the person I was talking to said he would go into my computer and bring it up.  He was able to hit settings and go to the same place, getting the same response. So he said he would email me a copy of the "contract" I accepted.  

I do not recall accepting any such contract and absolutely would never have if I understood it clearly.

The contract states that in order to use TELIKIN Computer after you PURCHASE the Hardware, which is the computer, you must then pay a fee of $19.95 for the rest of the life of the computer and your own life if the computer lasts that long, in order to use the software that is inside the computer.  

I would definately say this is a SCAM or FRADULANT activity.  How does this even happen in the U.S.A.

Is there anyway that AARP can assist in helping us seniors that have been scammed by this company, gain a refund of our $19.95.
I will be reporting to the BBB here in California as well.
I will be looking for a response from you soon.
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Nancy A Greening
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Sorry to hear about this and I hope it is a warning to others. Equally frightening is that a customer support person was able to go into your computer. It is possible that without this monthly service, the usefulness of this device will be impacted. I am not familiar with the product though. 


I know I have seen things advertised on AARP that seem quite questionable to me. Not what I would expect from an organization with a mission like AARP. That said, I think a lot of advertising content is externally hosted. An advertiser that is less than reputable can easily switch ads around anytime, especially if not constantly monitored. 

I wish AARP would offer an easy to use "report" advertiser feature when services or products seem questionable.




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