Consumer Cellular hidden fees

Did you notice the "operational  compliance fee" increased 75% on your recent Consumer Cellular bill.  There was no notice or substantiation.  No wonder they provide an AARP discount since they just make it up in this bogus fee.


I'm so over CC.  My mom's phone didn't work for six months.  I kept calling them and they told me a variety of things each time.  The interent in the area went down, then the next one told me we had great internet connection.  The volumne was too low then the next one told me that they keep it at 85% but they could increase it to 100%.  (She has almost lost all of her hearing and doesnt want to wear a hearing aide.)  Then she couldn't dial out to her contacts but there was nothing they could do.  Then the next one told me that they were upgrading the teleopones and that's why the lack of service.  I constantly asked for a refund since the whole reason I bought this device was for her to have communications with the family.  She's 100 years old for God's sake.  They told me no because they were able to see that she was able to make a  call every once in a while even if she couldn't hear anyone.  Then I asked them if they had new phones as I was tired of dealing with them,  They said yes but it would be a refurbished one!  Now how can that be if they upgraded to a new (maybe 5g) and she's getting a refurbished, almost new, phone!  I told the agent I wanted a new phone, and they said no!  So we were supposed to get the new one in 3 days but I had to make the request through their insurance company which I did. Two weeks went by and no working phone.  I called again. Oops, someone forgot to put in the order!  Another week and no refund or discount on the weeks of service that she was without a phone.  Sounds like I should be complaining to the AIG or the BBB. I'm so disappointed with their service, it is incredible.  


Yes, I see in every aspect of life this happens, a store will have a great sale, after raising their prices...the entire system is rigged.

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