Consumer Cellular - Buyer BEWARE

I have been with Consumer Cellular for over 6 years. When I upgraded from an iPhone 12 to an iPhone 14 (which I purchased and immediately paid off through Consumer Cellular) they refused to unlock my phone until I had the phone on their network for a period of six months. I use my phone for business and I have to have international calling. Consumer Cellular assured me my plan (including international calling through T-Mobile - they have an agreement) would transfer to my iPhone 14. It did not because the iPhone 14 uses an eSIM only. I am left with an iPhone 14 with NO cell service because Consumer Cellular refuses to unlock it even though I owe them NO money for the phone. I have spoken with multiple supervisors and they will not budge saying it is their company policy. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, FCC, and JD Power and Associates. BEWARE before you use Consumer Cellular. For a "no contract" carrier, their business practices are questionable. They keep getting awards for HORRIBLE customer service while using AARP's name. If you have a complaint you should complain to JD Power as well. 

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