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Change of address from a deceased spouse

My husband died on April 30.  On May 4, someone put in a Change of Address form with the Post Office in his name. Fortunately, someone at the post office knew him and alerted me and it was stopped. Then I remembered I had gotten an email from my credit card company that they were mailing out a requested replacement card to my husband. I had gotten the email around May 6. So the scammers put in a change of address, the card was being mailed to our home but it could have been forwarded to the scammer's address if the post office hadn't been vigilent.  Now I got a denial of credit from another credit card they were trying to open up.

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Do like lsm1000 suggest and check your credit report - all of them.

Send each of the Credit Bureaus a copy of your husband's death certificate and have them mark his credit file that he is deceased.

You may need to put a fraud alert on your credit report at each of the agencies and also FREEZE your credit so that no one can open up credit in your name that isn't you.


When stuff like this begins you have to do your due diligence to protect yourself from anything getting through that will reek havoc to your life.


Who is your husband's estate personal representative (executor)?  You or someone else ? 

There are certain things that need to be done when a person dies to begin closing of their personal accounts - credit or financial.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. It's bad enough to lose a loved one and then to have someone take advantage of the situation just compounds your grief. It's a good thing someone at the post office stepped up. Be sure to do everything to prevent any further change of address from going through. If you haven't already you should check all of your credit reports, notify the credit bureaus (as well as all of your creditors and financial institutions) of your husband's death. Also it would be a good idea to put a freeze on your accounts with the credit reporting agencies.
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