Car Wrap

I received a text offering a biweekly check of $500.00 to allow Budlite to put one of those magnets on my car to advertise for Budweiser for 3 months. I was supposed to confirm my address and then receive my first check for $1000.00 in the mail and when the people who were hired to apply this wrap to my car. I was told I needed to have the check cashed and have cash on hand for the installation fee (cash only). Too good to be true, I replied with a picture of a man behind bars. I told them I didn't have a checking account and that I referred their text to a scam unit.


I had IRS calls three times and a job offer from an artist to take care of his accounts and book trips for him. I actually received the check for $1800.00 with instructions to take my first $600.00 out and send him the rest. He bothered me for a while to cash the check, I replied as soon as he sends me the information on his business account because I was not using my personal checking account. I reported him and now I have the check frame it reads my very first scam & probably not my last.

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AARP Expert

@Jessies500268Thank you for sharing information about the Car Wrap scam. This is one we hear about on the Fraud Watch Network Helpline. We hear from alot of people who are victims of this scam because they are looking for jobs online and this seems like a flexible opportunity for them to make a few extra bucks. But it's a huge SCAM! If anyone ever wants to send you a check and have you deposit it and then return money, HUGE RED FLAG! Thank you for sharing the story.


*for those reading this and are not familiar with how the fake check scam works, here is a link to some good information.

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You have far more interesting scams than we get. We keep getting the "Microsoft account is going to be terminated......." and 'you are going to jail if you don't contact us concerning IRS taxes owed".

"...Why is everyone a victim? Take personal responsibility for your life..."
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