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What Are Your Favorite Instrumental Tunes?

The subject of instrumentals came up in another thread, so I thought it might be fun to see what instrumental tunes everyone enjoys. Instrumentals cover a wide range of genres when you start to think about it; classical (of course), movie soundtracks, pop, jazz, big band oldies, blues, country, rock, and many instrumental versions of your favorite song titles, too.


So what instrumental music do you like? What are your favorite tunes or instrumental versions of your favorite songs? Multiple tunes and multiple genres are okay. And, if you have favorite on youtube, feel free to post the link so that we can listen, too!

"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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Because They’re Young: Duane Eddy

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One Last Look Around the House before We Go (Kate Bush)

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Thanks Volta.Lived in LA metro area for 38 years. there's a small manufacturing concern

owned by an English owner & staff who were associates of Joe Meek's. He is now taking

some of those ideas and creating peddles for professional players to expand their guitar sound

repetoire. A very dear friend has two of them, they're quite pricey, but great.

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"Telstar" 🚀 The English Tornadoes

Weird Joe Meek ahead of its time production. 1st Brit instrumental to hit No. 1 in US.

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Joe Meek became one the greatest makers of guitar effects, and recording producers ever.
For those that play the instrument he is an icon.
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Hand Clappin' - Red Prysock

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Stephanie (Buckingham/Nicks)

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Smoke - Randy Carlos

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Mahna Mahna (Muppets)--I suppose it's not strictly an instrumental, since there are voices repeating a sound, but it's a cheerful and catchy little piece

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Popcorn (Hot Butter)

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Also Sprach Zarathustra - Deodato

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"Classical Gas" by Mason Williams


I'm sorry I didn't think of this one before it's

so much fun to listen to.

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Lily Was Here:  Candy Dulfer

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Love 'Round Midnight by Miles Davis with John Coltrane on tenor,

Beautiful man, just beautiful.

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Late Winter Early Spring (John Denver)--mellow, hopeful and optimistic

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Any concert by Andre Rieu.

There are too many his melodies for me to list.  If ever you get a chance to attend one of his concerts, DON'T MISS IT.   Here is a sample:   H

The man is a genius violinist and conductor of all music so entertaining to all that remember what music really was,

Thankfully, I still have a radio station that plays the muaic from the oldest to the  end of the 70's.

Rap and Hip Hop became the norm thereafter.  Need I say more?!!!





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Music Box Dancer   by Frank Mills;


I'm sorry that I cannot recognize some of the songs posted in order to give Kudos. If all could post a link to jog a memory it would be nice to listen. Thanks.


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One Last Look Around the House Before We Go (Kate Bush):  it has no lyrics, it's half as long as a typical song, but it's heartbreaking just the same

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Fleetwood Mac's   TUSK


Something about this makes me want to tap and move about.  


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Ravel's  Bolero


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