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Standout Album/Song Titles

Which song or album titles stand out for you?  Maybe it's a memorable or poetic or funny phrase, maybe it perfectly sums up the material inside, or maybe you have another reason for loving it.  Your answer doesn't have to be a song/album that you think is especially good; it's the title we're focusing on here.


To start:  Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard of Ozz, because "blizzard" aptly describes the songs and because the phrase is a rhyming spin on another, well-recognized title of a work that takes the listener/reader on a crazy trip to another world.

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Helter Skelter  -  The Beatles  (song title)


Macca took the title from a ride at a British amusement park, which inspired these lyrics . . .


When I get to the bottom
I go back to the top of the hill
Where I stop and I turn and I give you a thrill
'Til I get to the bottom and I see you again


McCartney set out to come up with a song as loud and dirty as they could possibly make it, after Pete Townsend had bragged about "the dirtiest song" just released by The Who. Helter Skelter is often cited as the precursor to heavy metal music. Many heavy metal bands have covered it.






"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy!  (Bow Wow Wow)

got to be the longest title in pop/punk history

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You Can Tune a Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish (REO Speedwagon)


This is one of those "we have to get this out of the way before we can talk about the music:  how did they come up with this title" titles.  I haven't been able to find the story behind the title (if you know, please share).  Maybe there is no explanation.  The title stands on its own hilarious merit.

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I Am The Walrus  -  The Beatles  (song title)


From Wikipedia:  Lennon wrote the song to confound listeners who had been affording serious scholarly interpretations of the Beatles' lyrics. He was partly inspired by two LSD trips and Lewis Carroll's 1871 poem "The Walrus and the Carpenter". Compositionally, every musical letter of the alphabet is invoked and every chord is a major or a seventh. Producer George Martin arranged and added orchestral accompaniment that included violins, cellos, horns, and clarinet. The Mike Sammes Singers, a 16-voice choir of professional studio vocalists, also joined the recording, variously singing nonsense lines and shrill whooping noises.


"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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Slowhand - Eric Clapton

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Dead Flowers  -  The Stones  (song title)


From Songfacts:  In this song, Mick Jagger addresses a girl named Susie with more than a little disdain: She's welcome to send him dead flowers, but he'll put roses on her grave. The music and lyrics both have a distinct country vibe. Jagger explained in 1995: "I love country music, but I find it very hard to take it seriously. I also think a lot of country music is sung with the tongue in cheek, so I do it tongue-in-cheek."


It doesn't need a lot of explaining. 


"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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The Stranger - Billy Joel

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When The Smoke Is Going Down  -  Scorpions  (song title)


The show has ended, the fireworks are over, and still he's drawn to an empty stage. It's one of their many songs about life in a rock n roll band. On the road, they miss family and home, then getting home, they long to be back with the crowds again. They played this song as a finale for their MTV Unplugged in Athens show.


Just when you make your way back home
I find some time to be alone
I go to see the place once more
Just like a thousand nights before
I climb the stage again this night
'Cause the place seems still alive
When the smoke is going down
This is the place where I belong
I really love to turn you on
I've got your sound still in my ear
While your traces disappear
I climb the stage again this night
'Cause the place seems still alive
When the smoke is going down
I climb the stage again this night
'Cause the place seems still alive
When the smoke is going down
When the smoke is going down
When the smoke is going down
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Klaus Meine / Rudolf Schenker
When the Smoke Is Going Down lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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Dreamboat Annie, 1976, Heart


This was Hearts debut album and what a

debut it was. The songs have some Led 

Zep qualities to them along with some

folksy moments and a tinge of blues. 
These two showed they were a force

to be reckoned with from now on. 💜🎼


Magic man

Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy child)

Crazy on you

Soul of the sea

Dreamboat Annie

White Lightning and wine

(Love me like music) I’ll be your song

Sing child

How deep it goes

Dreamboat Annie (Reprise)

Gold Conversationalist

Killers - Iron Maiden

Album title is based on the novel " Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ". Iron Maiden would and has continued to write songs based on literature, history and human nature. 

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Hotel California - the Eagles

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)


The title of a single and the album.  The album is packed with songs about growing up, leaving fantasy and innocence behind, accepting reality; the title harkens back to The Wizard of Oz, which conveys the same themes.  

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Sticky Fingers, 1971  Rolling Stones


I was already in love with the Stones

when this album came out. All their

albums are so cleverly named, but

this one, with a man in tight jeans

with a full working zipper opened

to show a pair of underwear. I had

to hide this album from my Father

or he’d of tossed it out!And oh yeah,

the songs are great too, with some

crossing the line just like the cover 💜🎼


Brown Sugar


Wild Horses

Can’t you hear me knocking

You gotta move 


I got the blues

Sister Morphine

Dead flowers

Moonlight Mile

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Lost Highway  -  Bon Jovi


This album was the group's first venture into melding their rock with country music. It was recorded in Nashville with Jon and Richie collaborating with a few Nashville songwriters and singers. The songs often reflected what band members were going through in their personal lives. There was a lot of heartbreak and lives changing course during that period, and country music is a perfect outlet for those themes.


The title reflected this new undertaking. Quoting from Wikipedia: The title track "Lost Highway" is a song that talks about going on a new and unknown place that no one knows exists. They took the title from Nashville record label Lost Highway Records formed by Luke Lewis. Jon explained: "That name and what it brought up in your mind, that dark road stretching out in front of you, intrigued me. I wanted to go down that road and see where it led. I think it was a perfect image for where I am in my life and where Richie was and maybe for where you are? That idea, of being out there somewhere new, out in the open, on that blacktop, really excited me. No one knows where it's going or if it even exists - I don't know and I don't think anyone else does either".


The album debuted at #1 on Billboard, a first for the band. It was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2008.


"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy - Elton John 

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Hysteria, 1987, Def Lepperd


This was the 3rd in the 80’s trilogy for the

band. The cover is very cool, with a large

triangle on it that I assume symbolizes the

3rd album in the trilogy. This album set

the bar for all their other albums to follow.

It showed they were committed to stomping

on genre boundaries and that they knew
how to get 
their agenda across with a

huge impact. To date it is their best selling

album, selling over 20 million copies

worldwide with 7 hit singles




Love bites

Pour some sugar on me

Armageddon it 

Gods of war

Don’t shoot shotgun

Run riot



Love and affection


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Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - the Beatles

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Have A Nice Day  -  Bon Jovi


The title and angry smirked face album cover pretty much says it all. The band got a bit of anger worked out of their system on this album. It also went platinum.


"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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A Hard Day's Night (Beatles)--the album, the song or the movie


From Wikipedia:  "The title of the album and film was the accidental creation of drummer Ringo Starr.[10] According to Lennon in a 1980 interview with Playboy magazine: "I was going home in the car and [film director] Dick Lester suggested the title, 'Hard Day's Night' from something Ringo had said. I had used it in In His Own Write, but it was an off-the-cuff remark by Ringo. You know, one of those malapropisms. A Ringo-ism, where he said it not to be funny ... just said it. So Dick Lester said, 'We are going to use that title.'"


And yet, all of us who've ever had a job instinctively get the meaning.  I's a working-man/woman's view of the world, when you've had your shoulder to the wheel all day long and you're exhausted to the bone, but one thought keeps you going:  "But when I get home to you I'll find the things that you do."
Will make me feel alright

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Meet The Beatles - the Beatles

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Randy Scouse Git (Alternate Title)--the Monkees


from Wikipedia:  "The phrase "Randy Scouse Git" in Britain directly translated to, according to Dolenz, "horny, Liverpudlian jerk",[3] was taken from the 1960s British sitcom Till Death Us Do Part. . . . RCA Records in England told the band that they would not release the song unless it was given an "alternate title" . . . . By his own account, Dolenz said "OK, 'Alternate Title' it is".[3]

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Abbey Road - the Beatles

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Wish you were here, 1975, Pink Floyd


This album partly addresses the mental

illness that plagued Syd Barrett, who left

the band 7 years earlier and takes a few

shots at the music industry as well. The

haunting “Shine on you crazy diamond”

uses Syds initials and describes his

painful battle. “Wish you were here“

addresses him as well. There is a

documentary as well that is excellent 

viewing for any PF fan


Shine on you crazy diamond, Parts 1-5

Welcome to the machine

Have a cigar

Wish you were here

Shine on you crazy diamond, Parts 6-9



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How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb  -  U2


As described in the book U2 by U2 - the title was Bono's idea, but he did have to fight for it. Some in the U2 camp thought it might not be a good idea, since there had been a lot in the news about the potential of terror attacks using dirty bombs. But eventually, everyone came around to the idea. If Bono is anything, he's persistent.


Bono said that the title was influenced by his father, referring to him as 'atomic Bob'. Bono's father had passed away in 2001, and two of the songs were written with him in mind. He credits his father for letting him be himself, which he felt allowed him to become successful.


The album was highly acclaimed, and won Grammys in all nine categories for which it was nominated over 2005 and 2006.  



"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny  (Mr. Bungle)  --gets your attention, doesn't it?  Reminds me of those "mad Santa" horror movies 

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Who's Next  -  The Who


Really needs no explanation! 


"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,

I don’t think there’s any explanation

needed but this album set the bar

that rock bands could (and should)

do, more or less, whatever they

wanted. That concept, along with

the bands experimentation with Acid

created this incredible album full of great

songs and lush imagery. I have never seen

an album cover since that compares

to this one 💜4️⃣

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Cosmo's Factory - CCR

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Love At First Sting  (9th album)

Sting In The Tail  (17th album)




Album titles that work pretty well when your band is called Scorpions. 🦂  😎


Love At First Sting contains three of their most successful songs -  Rock You Like A Hurricane, Still Loving You, Big City Nights, and was their best selling album in the US going triple platinum. The cover art had to be changed to sell in some US department stores because it was a little too sexy.


Sting In The Tail sold well in the US, being their best selling album here in 20 years. It was thought to be their final album and supported by what they also believed would be their farewell tour. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. They made a second farewell in 2015, and are presently in the studio working on a new album. If Covid ends, they will be taking a residency in Las Vegas beginning in May 2021. If all is well by then I will be there!


"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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