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This is meant to be a long running topic .  The rules are simple and there are a zillion songs out there, so lets see what we can do with this.

You start with a song title.  Let's use  Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith

You look at that title, pick out one word from it and find a new song title with that word in it,( example, In & Out of Love - Bon Jovi)  then post the new title as your post.  The next person follows.   See easy

So lets give it a try.    My title is   Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith.




Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
Honored Social Butterfly

Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  LOVE IS A Battlefield


To:  LOVE IS the Answer -- England Dan & John Ford Coley

Honored Social Butterfly

Don't  You  Know  What  Love  Is   ==   Touch

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  Don't You KNOW WHAT LOVE IS]


To:  I Want To KNOW WHAT LOVE IS -- Foreigner

Honored Social Butterfly

Love  Is  Like  Oxygen   ==   Sweet

Social Butterfly

FROM    -     LOVE IS LIKE  Oxygen


TO    -   LOVE IS LIKE  An Itching In My Heart      By     The Supremes

                                     Before Diana thought she had to have her name first....


Honored Social Butterfly

From:  LOVE Is Like An Itching In My HEART


To: LOVE Me With All Of Your HEART -- Engelbert Humperdinck

Social Butterfly

FROM   -   Love Me With All Of  YOUR HEART


TO     -    Open  YOUR HEART       by  Madona


Silver Conversationalist

Stop Dragging My Heart Around- Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty

Social Butterfly

FROM   -    STOP  Dragging My Heart Around


TO     -     Nothing's Gonna  STOP  Us Now       by    Starship

                           First the "Airplane" Title went

                           And then the "Jefferson" Title  went

                           Oh well,  what ever the name, still and awesome group



Honored Social Butterfly

Black Water by The Doobie Brothers

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  WOMAN, WOMAN      AND    BLACK Water


To:  Long Legged WOMAN Dressed In BLACK -- Mungo Jerry

Regular Social Butterfly

FROM: The LONG And Winding Road


TO: Short Skirt Long Jacket -- Cake

Honored Social Butterfly

Everlong   ==   Foo  Fighters

Social Butterfly

FROM    -    Short skirt,  LONG  Jacket


TO    -    LONG  Time Gone     by  CSN

                (Crosby, Stills & Nash)


Honored Social Butterfly

From:  LONG Time Gone


To:  The LONG Run -- The Eagles 

Social Butterfly

FROM    -     The LONG Run


TO    -    LONG  Tall Sally     by    Little Richard


Honored Social Butterfly

From:  Long Tall SALLY


To:  SALLY Go Round the Roses -- The Jaynetts

Social Butterfly

FROM   -   SALLY  Go Round The Roses


TO   -    Lay Down  SALLY    -     Eric Clapton


Honored Social Butterfly

From:  LAY Down Sally


To:  LAYla -- Eric Clapton

Regular Social Butterfly



TO: La La -- The Delfonics

Honored Social Butterfly

La  La  Love  You   ==   The  Pixies

Honored Social Butterfly

@ls1873 wrote:

La  La  Love  You   ==   The  Pixies

To:  "As I Love You", Shirley Bassey

Social Butterfly

FROM    -    LONG  Leggerd Woman Dressed In Black


TO     -    The LONG  And Winding Road    by    The Beatles


Honored Social Butterfly

Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones

Social Butterfly

FROM   -    Paint It  BLACK


TO    -   Long Cool Woman ( In A Black Dress)     by     The Hollies



Honored Social Butterfly

From:  Long Cool WOMAN (In A BLACK Dress)


To:  BLACK Magic WOMAN -- Santana

Social Butterfly

FROM    -    Black Magic  WOMAN


TO     -      WOMAN , WOMAN     By   Gary Pucket and the Union Gap



Honored Social Butterfly

The Boys Are Back by Thin Lizzy

Honored Social Butterfly



To:  THE BOYS ARE BACK In Town -- Bon Jovi

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