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PROTEST & REBELLION SONGS.."get it off your chest"

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The only stipulation here is that the song should be commentary,  controversial, expressing a rebellious, protesting "frame of mind"; generally, or speciffically, about society, culture, economics, wealth, poverty, politics, war, peace, relationships, etc, etc, etc.


How about some songs which, when you heard them, you thought, "Yeh, those lyrics tell it like it is!" or maybe you were offended by the controversial lyrics.


Your song selection may be from any time period in history and about any topic you choose, old songs and new songs.


Please be free to post protest & rebellion songs which either you agreed with or which "honked" you off.


Here is an opportunity to "Get it off your chest!" Go ahead and briefly include memorable lyrics of the song if you like [ if you remember :-) ]


To's a protest song:     Subterranean Homesick Blues     Bob Dylan