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LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!  -  I am a pediatrician in Bluffton, SC.  As many first responders and health care workers have found, the COVID-19 pandemic has added significant stress to our job.  We diagnose as many as 20 children daily with COVID-19 during peak transmission times.  As a stress release and a way to maintain work-life balance, I have turned my love of music into a hobby I could share with others, starting a music blog.  My blog is a weekly discussion centering around primarily classic rock and pop music of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, with some forays into the ‘90s and beyond at times, including other genres as well.  Each week focus will highlight and make public one or two of my Spotify playlists, which currently number over 200.  Listeners do not need to subscribe to Spotify to listen.  Access is free.  I hope to bring the joy of music to people’s lives, perhaps revisiting music of their past, or bringing them something new.  Live in the moment.  Listen to the music!  My blog can be found at

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