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Grammy Predictions 2018: Who Will Win, Who Should Win

Grammy Predictions 2018: Who Will Win, Who Should Win


This time every year, as the Grammys loom on the horizon, we all try to second-guess the Recording Academy, hoping against hope that the best artists (or at least our favorites) will get to take something home from the big ceremony.

Once again, we've weighed the evidence and predicted who will be victorious, while also suggesting who should win and who should be angry they weren't nominated in there first place. How good are our guesses? We'll find out on Sunday. One thing's for sure: If the Grammy folks can deny Ed Sheeran a nomination for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year, then truly anything is possible.

Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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So,  how many of these songs do you know?  have you listened to?


How many of the performers or groups?


Are the Grammy's still relevant for you?


I listen to the radio at work all day long and I like a genre mix so I know lots of these songs esp  the pop catagory and rock but  I know people who no longer listen to much new music.  What about you?


Any predictions?

Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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As award shows go, it was okay, but really loooong! Bruno won big time with 24K Magic. He's so young and energetic, and fun to watch! He said that he made 24K as an album that would get people to dance. For me, it certainly does!


I really enjoyed seeing U2, Sting, and Chris Stapleton with Emmy Lou Harris. The memorial performances and tributes were also well done. But the icing on the cake, for me anyway, was Sir Elton John with Miley Cyrus and their performance of Tiny Dancer. (...and wasn't Miley beautiful in that glamorous dress!) They also announced that there would be a Grammy salute to Sir Elton on CBS. It tapes tomorrow night (Jan 30th), and will be aired later this year. (no date or time announced that I can find)

“Music can change the world, because music can change people.” Bono
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I always enjoy watching The Grammys, but I have no idea who might win. I don't follow new music, so I'm not familiar with the nominees, for the most part.


I do like Bruno Mars, and I have the 24K Magic album, and it is a good one! I recently saw Jason Isbell and his wife, Amanda Shires, on Austin City Limits. I enjoyed their performances. They each have a band, but also perform together. She's great on violin. And I'm familiar with Ed Sheeran, of course. He's also appeared on Austin City Limits. That's where I usually see the newer performers.


“Music can change the world, because music can change people.” Bono
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I don't really listen to pop music much, if at all, so I don't know any of those songs.


However, it was a different story last year when Megadeth won the Best Metal Performance Grammy for Dystopia. And the year before that, when Ghost won the Best Metal Performance Grammy for Cirice Heart

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