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For many an original song that they love cannot and will not ever be duplicated by a cover, but there are many songs that have been done equally (debatebly) well by others..

So do you have favorites?


What are your favorite covers of favorite songs?



Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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CHROMATICS - The sound of silence (Cover)


Chromatics sound of silence ep.jpeg


Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence (Audio) 

(this is the remixed version with drums and electric instrument overdub)(Released in 1965, after Simon and Art disbanded...for more information go to: (Wiki) The Sound of Silence ) 


 S&G Sounds of Silence.jpg

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"Cuando Caliente El Sol"  🌅  Steve Allen & Orchestra {63}

With the Copacabana Quartet, original Spanish version.


"Love Me With All Your Heart" * Ray Charles Singers {64}

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"A Song For You" - original  by Leon Russell 




Ray Charles 

Simply Red 



Bronze Conversationalist

♥️Leon Russell ❤️

Have tons of his 🎶 records‼️

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Written by Joni Mitchell (, Woodstock was also done by Crosby Stills Nash & Young (, and by Mathews Southern Comfort ( Other artists also did this song, but CSN&Y and MSC are my favorites.

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I Want You (She’s So Heavy) - BOC (Beatles Cover)


Performed live just weeks after John Lennon was murdered, the band played it as a tribute to him. The band does a great job, but the centerpiece is Buck Dharma’s outstanding guitar solo.


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
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"Baby I Love You"  original by the Ronnettes {64} had a crush on Nedra T Ross {on the left in pic}

written & produced by P. Spector. peaked at #24 on Billboard.

A not so bad cover by Canadian Andy Kim in 1969 went national to # 9.

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"Hard to Handle" - original by Otis Reddling (68) - 



New Riders of the Purple Sage (76) 


Black Crowes (90) - 

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The Original,

"I'm Leaving It Up to You"  😠 Don & Dewey {57}

written & performed by the duo from Pasadena, Ca.

The Cover,

"I'm Leaving It Up To You"  👫 Dale & Grace {63}

# 1 in US, Nov. 63. Dale & Grace from Louisiana.

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"The Road" - Danny O'Keefe


I love the original, but this one is a very good cover. Love his voice.


"The Road" - Jackson Browne 


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I like both of them!


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
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Good one @Vexed.  More soulful sounding.

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I guess Goodtime Charley's still got the blues.

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1961 cover version of "The Way You Look Tonight"   👀 The Lettermen 

My first introduction to this great song.


"The Way You Look Tonight"  😍  Fred Astaire {36}

original from "Swing Time" {fields/kern}

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"Tainted Love" - written By Ed Cobb


original by Gloria Jones (64) -

Hit cover - Soft Cell (81) -

Scorpions (2011) -

Broken Peach (2021) - 


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"That's What Friends Are For" 🤝 Rod Stewart {82}

from the flick "Night Shift"


"Thats What Friends Are For" * Dionne Warwick {88}

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Whiter Shade Of Pale - Annie Lennox, Procol Harum cover

On my playlist of favorite covers.


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
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...Never knew this was a cover. Like the original too and the live video of them when older is very good. Hootie & the Blowfish liked this Canadian band and they covered this song a lot in live shows and then recorded it. One time when doing a show in Canada they brought in 54-50 as the opener. When 54-40 did "I Go Blind", the Hootie's road manager tried to get them off the stage because he thought the band was trying to do the Hootie's song. Never knew of this band, am starting to listen to their stuff.


"I Go Blind" - original by 54-40 - (87) 

    - Live later - 




  "I Go Blind"  - Hootie & the Blowfish (94)-


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"Ballad of a Thin Man {Mr. Jones} * Bob Dylan {66}

uncut version -

"Ballad of a Thin Man" * Grass Roots

sanitized version for AM radio

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TIMELESS: A Hank Williams Tribute     Various artists (Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, Keb' Mo', Beck, Mark Knopfler, Emmylou Harris, Tom Petty, Keith Richards, Hank Williams III, Ryan Adams, Lucinda Williams and Johnny Cash) give their interpretations to his songs, while remaining faithful to the originals. I think its a terrific CD.

Super Contributor

One of the most popular songs by the Grateful Dead is Ripple.   What most Dead fans dont realize is that Ripple is cribbed from the song Any Dream Will Do that was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice back in 1968 as part of a show they composed for a high school theater group.    Also cribbed from Any Dream Will Do is the very popular hymn "Because He Lives" .    Rice and LLoyd Webber are not very litigious  and let it go as they were far too busy working on their next show with which they had some success.   


The original recording of Any Dream Will do was by Malcom Parry in a 1969 recording.   Donnie Osmond, Jason Donovan, and Lee Mead all played Joseph on stage and had very popular recordings of the song with Jason Donovan's being the most popular, to the point that many don't realize that it was recorded much earlier.    

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"Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart" *written in 1934 by J. Hanley. This fox trot standard has been recorded by several stars from J. Garland to F. Sinatra. The 62' doowop-pop version by the Furys is the cover that got a lot of radio play.


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Don't forget the Coasters big hit with the song in 1958.

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Willie Nelson had a big hit with Blue Eyes Crying in the rain from his Red Haired Stranger album.  This song was actually written in the 1940s by Fred Rose and recorded first by his publishing partner Roy Acuff who was a hugely popular country singer at the time.      Acuff's original is very busy and not really satisfying.   It was Hank Williams who sang it with the stark pared down arrangement that works so well and that's the version that inspired Willie Nelson's now classic  recording.    Acuff and Rose were Hank's publishers and Rose sometimes wrote songs with Hank Williams.  

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I didn’t know the history of the song, but I love to hear Willie sing it.


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
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That was interesting. Good song.

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Another brilliant recording that many might not know is a cover is At Last by Etta James.   The original was recorded by the Glenn Miller band in 1941 and used in the movie Sun Valley Serenade.    Its ok but Etta James really makes it work and takes it home.   

Honored Social Butterfly

No, didn’t know this was a cover. At Last by Etta James is the only version that ever mattered, that I can recall. She made it her song, even if it wasn’t the original!



“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
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One song that many might not know was done earlier is Blue Hawaii which was a big hit for Elvis Presley from the movie.   Blue Hawaii had been done in 1937 by Bing Crosby from the movie Waikiki Wedding.    Elvis is my favorite as he he far more emotional and active.  Bing's original though is also great.    

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