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I have been saving all the important AARP emails to share with family and friends like Social Security scams and medicare. They have been very informative in the past. Well this morning a group of us were having a discussion about scammers I went to my email to provide some more insight only to find out that the links were no longer available. This in my opinion is outragous! How many other people out there rely on these features only to have them scrubbed away. People get scammed  every day especially seniors and the very tools of information you provide were taken away. Some times people like to look things up that you send but are denied this oppertunity because of expiration dates. This could save people their savings if they were to look at correspondence instead of expired emails after all this is their money not cereal. I would hope that something can be done to save these impotant documents,  many people are in the scope of preditors. For the record I lost 23 emails.

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Hiya Gary, there's a service on the internet called Google. Maybe you've heard of it before? Anyway, if you go to their site (CLICK HERE) and type in some keywords like scammers or schemers, they oftentimes can put you onto the most currently available information available.

I've been using then for quite some time now and I find Google to be very helpful. I hope this suggestion helps with your feelings of disappointment.

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