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Could the theatre organ be making a return?


Could the theatre organ be making a return?

The theatre organ which had the assignment of accompanying silent films has made their way into pizza parlors.  But then it began fading away as modern pop music took over.  In Mesa, AZ, there is one pizza parlor that has survived the times.  And now just outside Milwaukee, WI, another one has opened.  I am sure many of us remember taking our children to pizza parlors and hearing the music made on the theatre organ.  The City Museum in St. Louis has a theatre organ and on the hour it plays a song.  Normally each December, I would be getting the old Shoe Factory office workers into the Christmas spirit by playing Christmas carols on the organ.  Just outside of Chicago, there is a private residence that houses a 5-manual theatre pipe organ.  Due to the size of these grand instruments, if you wanted to install one in a big store or a restaurant, you would need at least a 2nd or 3rd floor to make room for the pipes.  That is because the pipes for the pedals can be very huge!  The width of a low "C" 32' pipe can be as wide as a human!  


 What is so neat about having a theatre pipe organ in a store or a restaurant is due to that they have a large variety of pipes.  And that allows the organist to play even some modern pop pieces.  

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I'ma be dustin' off my Hammond B4 and practicing later today. Thanks for getting me to think about something that makes me feel happy to think about. Spotify search - Theater organ music    😃

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