Honored Social Butterfly

Birthdays, Deaths and other announcements

Bob Dylan was 79 on 5/24


Stevie Nicks is 72 today 5/26

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born July 1st:

Fred Schneider (B-52’s)

Willie Dixon (wrote over 500 songs,

influence for Stones, Led Zeppelin), deceased

Bobby Day (Rockin’ Robin), deceased

Delaney Bramlett (Delaney&Bonnie), deceased

June Monteiro (The Toys)

Leon Chancler (worked with Donna

Summer, Santana, Michael Jackson,

others), deceased

Dan Akroyd (Blues Brothers)

Phil Solem (Rembrandts)

Missy Elliot

Adam MacDougall (Black Crowes)









Honored Social Butterfly

July 1


Deborah Harry    75


Victor Willis (Village People).    69


Evelyn (Champagne) King   60




Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 30th:


Florence Ballard (Supremes), deceased

Billy Brown (The Moments)

Andy Scott (Sweet)

Stanley Clarke (Santana, Sir Paul, others)

Adrian Wright (Human League)

Fantasia Barrino




Honored Social Butterfly

June 30


Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band).   76


Hal Lindes (Dire Straits).    67


Tom Drummond (Better Than Ezra)   51



Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 29th:

Little Eva, deceased

Eric Wrixon (Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy), deceased

Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls)

Sam Farrar (Maroon Five)



Honored Social Butterfly

June 29


Ian Paice (Deep Purple).      72


Don Dokken.       67


Colin Hay (Men At Work)   67



Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 28th:


Bobby Harrison (drummer, Procol Harum)

Alan Pasqua (session musician who

worked with Dylan, Santana, others)

Charles Clouser (Nine inch nails)

Honored Social Butterfly

June 28


Dave Knights (Procol Harum)    75


Kellie Pickler        34

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 27th:


Doc Pomus (Songwriter), deceased

Joey Covington (Jefferson Airplane/Starship,

Hot Tuna), deceased

Jim Fuller (The Safaris), deceased

Gilson Lavis (Squeeze, also worked with

Chuck Berry, JerryLee Lewis, Dolly Parton)


Honored Social Butterfly

June 27


Bruce Johnstone (Beach Boys).    78


Draco Rosa (Menudo).      51

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 26th:


Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis Manager), deceased

Larry Taylor (Canned Heat), deceased

Colin Greenwood (Radiohead)

Ryan Tedder (songwriter One Republic,

Madonna,U2, others)


Honored Social Butterfly

June 26


Billy Davis Jr.        82


Georgie Fame      77


Brenda Holloway   74


Mick Jones (Clash).  65


Chris Isaak          64


Patty Smyth.       63


Terry Nunn (Berlin).   61


Gretchen Wilson       46


Ariana Grande.          27

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 25th:


Harold Melvin, deceased

Clint Warwick (Moody Blues), deceased

Alan Lanier (Blue Oyster Cult)

Mike Kroeger (Nickelback)

George Michael, deceased



Honored Social Butterfly

June 25


Eddie Floyd.           83


Carly Simon.          75


Ian MacDonald (Foreigner)    74


Tim Finn (Crowded House).   68


David Paich (Toto)   66

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 24th:


Curt Smith (Traffic)

Jeff Cease (Black Crowes)

Andy McCluskey (OMD)

Mario Calire (Wallflowers)



Honored Social Butterfly

June 24


Arthur Brown.       78


Jeff Beck               76


Colin Johnstone (Zombies).     75


Mick Fleetwood.        73


John Illsley  (Dire Straits)  71


Curt Smith (Tears For Fears)   59

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 23rd:


June Carter-Cash, deceased

Niki Sullivan (original member of

the Crickets),deceased

Stu Sutcliffe (orginal bassist for the
deceased at age 22 😥

Robert Hunter (worked with the Dead

and Dylan),deceased

Larry Cunningham (Floaters), deceased

Honored Social Butterfly

June 23


Diana Trask.      80


Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth)   58


Chico DeBarge.     50


KT Tunstall        45


Jason Mraz.      43

Honored Social Butterfly

June 22


Kris Kristofferson.     84


Peter Asher                76


Howard (Eddie) Kaylan (Turtles)   73


Todd Rundgren          72


Alan Osmond.             71


Cyndi Lauper.             67


Derek Forbes (Simple Minds). 64


Gary Beers (INXS).     63


Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies)  50

Honored Social Butterfly

I know that there are a couple of Beatles fans out there, so:


Saturday 6/27 TCM is showing "A Hard Day's Night" at 8 PM.


It will be followed by "Don't Look Back" a 1967 documentary on Dylan's 1965 tour in England.



Honored Social Butterfly

June 21


Ray Davies (Kinks)          76


Joey Molland (Badfinger)  73


Joey Kramer (Aerosmith)   70


Nils Lofgren.  (E Street).     69


Kathy Mattea.       61




Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 20th:


Danny Cedrone(Bill Haley&the Comets), deceased

Chet Adkins, deceased

Billy Guy (Coasters)

Alan Longmuir(Bay city rollers), deceased


Honored Social Butterfly

June 20


Brian Wilson.             78


Anne Murray.             75


Lionel Richie.             71


Michael Anthony (Van Halen).   66


John Taylor (Duran Duran).         60


Dan Tyminski  (Union Station).    53


Grace Potter.           37

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 19th:


Al Wilson

Robin Box (White Plains)

Simon Wright (AC/DC)

Ben Haggerty (Stage name Macklemore)


Honored Social Butterfly

June 19


Tommy DeVito  (4 Seasons)      92!!


Spanky McFarland.       78


Ann Wilson.         70


Larry Dunn (Earth Wind & Fire)   67


Mike DeBarge     61


Paula Abdul.       58


Brian Vander Ark (Verve Pipe).   56


Scott Avett.     44

Honored Social Butterfly

Joey Dee.            80


Graham Russell (Air Supply)   70


Donnie Van Zant (38 Special). 68

Honored Social Butterfly

Also born June 11th:


John Lawton (Uriah Heep)

Glenn Leonard (Temptations)

Richard Palmer-Jones (King Crimson,

founding member of Supertramp)

Frank Beard (ZZ Top)

Social Butterfly

Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine / Audioslave )

Birthdate: May 30, 1964

Honored Social Butterfly

May 30:


Wynonna Judd   56


Tom Morello       56


Cee Lo Green      45

Honored Social Butterfly

I hope everyone got to see the liftoff. It was awesome. Today's cameras are amazing!

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