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What is the proper protocol for giving an employer proper notice of my impending retirement.

What is the proper protocol for giving an employer proper notice of my impending retirement ?

I am a long time, and reliable employee of the company I work for. I will turn 67 in May, and plan to retire the end of June. While my conscientiousness and dedication to my job tells me to give them advance notice to find a replacement, I don’t want to cause a situation where they decide to let me go early.Nor, do I want them to think I care less about what I am doing. It is just time to relax and enjoy life, seeing and doing things.


Part of me is so looking forward to enjoying life I want to tell them yesterday.

Warren T Hodges Jr
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Thank you all for your responses. They were helpful. I am looking forward to my retirement.
Warren T Hodges Jr
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"Protocol" has always been two weeks. But, if I felt pretty secure in my position, I would give a solid six weeks. But, I can't define 'secure' in your case. Only you would have some idea if they would let you go early, or thank you for giving them advance notice. If you've had a 'good' relationship with your boss(es) at work for some time, I would sure hope they would be thanking you for giving them some time to find a replacement.  

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Can't give an answer on the protocol, I was always self-employed.  I just wanted to make sure you knew that beneficiaries get a bonus in their Social Security benefit if they wait until they are 70 to retire - you are pretty close.


Course it is up to you - just wanted to mention it in case you want to run the numbers.


Good Luck whichever way it goes.

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Congrats on pending retirement!


A lot depends on the type of job and how long it will take to replace you. Can they hire from within? That might be less time.


If it will take awhile to train someone new, more notice is good, and maybe they’d have you train the person.


If not, then I might give a month or two, rather than two weeks.  It takes at least a month to hire these days. At least around here it does. 



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That is in line of what I was thinking. Thank you.
There is nobody currently on staff ready to move up into my position.
Thank you again for your response.
Warren T Hodges Jr
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