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Tempted to buy a Class B

Does anyone own a Roadtrek looking at RS, CS 2017, or Zion?


I’m 6’4” and holding, prefer to walk upright vs walk into A/C low hanger.


I’m renting some next year for fit, week should tell me yes or no.

Jack knives and I never agreed except on 2000 Xplorer maybe widebody.


Mechanically inept 6-year transferable warranty calls to me🤣.


Anyone own Roadtrek or Leisure Vans, Heart says diesel for longevity, 4x4 calls.


But, might be comparing apples to oranges. Used to TDI Dodge Ram and VW. The TDI was 6 cylinder, had Lance 835?


Ive been going smaller since 76 A, Bus pusher, C, TC and now looking at B they’ve come a long way. There were tents in there as well, with thermarests but, my knees and back now call for BED with memory foam topper.


Yes, need input and want to pick brains. Considered building from new van but, cost is similar to buying new coach Zion within $5k why build.


Does any one drive Mercedes 4x4, Dodge ProMaster, Or Ford diesel van. Have this vague recollection of Ford vans having issues with driveshafts, and less than favorable reviews of their diesels.


Back to researching.


Not to bring politics into it but, did 🍊, screw the vacation home mortgage, still waiting for advisor to answer that one and how much of a hit the Mercedes will increase for being just that. 4x4 is pricey even with normal financing.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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