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Retirement move

My husband and I currently live in Pennsylvania and are looking to move in 2 years when he retires. Due to a heart condition he needs to retire early thus his SS will be slim pickins' and my SS is barely there money as I was a stay at home mom. 

Our dream is to move somewhere where we can homestead on 5 or more acres. We were considering Virginia however when I post a question for pro's and cons I get more cons. We want to stay east. Is there anyone who can tell us if West Virginia is a good place? Or NW North Carolina? I may be dreaming to big but during these scary times it is all I have. 

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If your husband is in poor health, then you need to be somewhere with good healthcare.  That limits your options in WVa.  VA and NC have good healthcare near the larger cities and tax wise, they aren't much different.  I hate to state the obvious but how about Florida?  No state tax and health care tends to be directed more towards seniors.

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Everyone has their own opinion of what makes a place good or bad. The best thing you could do is to travel to where you think you might enjoy living and try an extended stay in those places. I'm sure that some people dearly love Virginia  and I'm also pretty sure that someone, somewhere would think that where you live in Pennsylvania would be their paradise. For many of us the grass always looks greener someplace else but wherever we go, we take ourselves along and that's something to consider as well.

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