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Retirement in Virginia

My husband was forced to retire to due to Covid. We had always wanted to retire in the mountain region of Virginia. We are looking for a house on a few acres. Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions?

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Hi Marielg


Sorry that I'm very late to this "party".   I have wanted to reply but I just carelessly didn't make the time for it.  Shame on me!  I have posted on this AARP forum about me desiring me to move.  One was a thread I started about Moving To A Place Where I Don't Know Anyone & I replied to Moving Out Of California (where I live now).  So you may see me at those threads.


I was possibly thinking of moving to a rural and mountainous area of Virginia.  I wonder if you and I have the same place or area in mind?   Maybe many others do, too.


You can PM me if you want to or reply on here; which ever works best for you.  I don't have an answer for you since I'm feeling like I'm in the same position in life as you are.    

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