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Retirement Rituals!

What are your retirement ritual(s)?


  1. Me, I have to sit EVERY MORNING with my feet elevated
  2. by my only window in my cute studio apartment (looking for a tiny cottage to rent in Salem, Virginia)
  3. while I sip my cafè (cup says Bloom WHERE YOU ARE Planted, coaster I sit cup on says DO WHAT you love LOVE WHAT you do),
  4. eat my croissant (bacon, egg, cheese)
  5. protein bar
  6. and yogurt (a different flavor each day, 6oz packs from Walmart, cheap/lol).


AFTER this, I am READY to deal with my day ONE DAY AT A TIME 🙂20210415_113503.jpg20210415_113232.jpg


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Have always said satisfaction with life is totally geared to one's expectations.  I know of people with much who are frustrated as they are seemingly on an endless quest for more. Others who seemingly have little financial security are pleased with their life. Guess it all comes down to attitude.  

Most notable microcosm of  a diverse America is those who RV full time.  Some have millions and travel comfortably while for others everything they own is on 6 wheels.  They often work, barter in exchange for a campsite but they love their life, the adventures, the socialization. 


Stay well and enjoy!! 

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April 15, 2021


Hi @Gorm50 I appreciate you stopping by to join our discussion 🙂 So true what you stated. I LUV my cute Studio Apartment but totally EXHAUSTED AND STRESSED from dealing with upstairs neighbors who feel I do not need any REST OR RELAXATION/lol. This AUGUST will be 3 years and I refuse to grow bitter and depressed = time to MOVE!

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I can remember those apartment days. Sometimes we had good neighbors and other times not.  We could certainly understand occasional noise, etc as long as it was that. Sometimes I got the impression they just wanted to irritate. 

NOW, my neighbors are distant so I needn't even worry about their kids or pets, etc.  It took awhile to find this peaceful, private nature preserve I call home but I sure do appreciate it.  

Social Butterfly

April 15, 2021


Good for you @Gorm50 🙂 Yes, I have had CONSIDERATE neighbors over the years and of course the AGE of the building affects how NOISE travels. This complex is over 30+ YEARS, never renovated, but beautiful. Has 3 levels on a hill. I am in the middle level. Lol, if I could detach my apartment, life would be perfect. Thanks for giving me HOPE that I too will find my place of PEACE 🙂

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