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Just to let everyone out there know, if you RV as a family, couple or a single person, and thought you'd never be able to visit Alaska you can.  Just apply to work for Alaska State Parks in the summer.  It's lots of fun and my spouse and I will be doing this again this summer.  


You can travel up from North Dakota and take the Canada/Alaska highway (we slept on the sides of the road sometimes at a Walmart or two), then arrived at our location.  


Normally, you receive free camping site, water, electric & sewer.  Also most parks also include a monthly stipend.  


You can apply at this webiste too:


On your days off, you're free to sightsee and travel throughout Alaska.


Glacier from Seward Harbor day cruiseGlacier from Seward Harbor day cruise

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What a stunning view @DianaO259868!

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Thank you, I have lots more photos from last year, maybe I should make a table bookOne of my favorites on the road in 2017One of my favorites on the road in 2017

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Interesting job @DianaO259868. What do you do for the Alaska Park Service? What do you do in North Dakota?

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We actually just entered Canada from North Dakota.  It's a very small station. 


Work for Alaska State Parks for the Kenai Special Management Area at a State Boat Launch taking payments from folks to launch boat onto the Kenai "middle" river area, keep area clean, education the patrons on keeping clean and what is not allowed (no fish cleaning out of the water), etc., clean two toliet areas, etc.  It's lots of fun and on your two days off you just enjoy Alaska!!!

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WOW!  IF I didnt have all but ONE grandson who is stationed in AK, rest of family scattered through the continental USA, this would be super!  LOVE the outdoors, and, of course, Alaska is the last part of the US that still has a lot of wilderness.  Kudos! - for choosing a life you want, apparently a grand one!


We went to Alaska by motorcylce from Minnesota in 2013.  I got dropped in Vancouver and met my daughter for the inside passage cruise and met my husband in Seward.  We spent 5 weeks just going all over Alaska and camping maily in city parks.  We are headed back this year, but no cruise.  Can't wait!  One of our first nights in AlaskaOne of our first nights in AlaskaBig Owl in a park outside SewardBig Owl in a park outside SewardMountains and GlaciersMountains and GlaciersMom and twinsMom and twins

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