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Yet another reduction in rewards!

First the gift cards kept going down in value.  We used to have more $20 or more gift cards.  Now it seems they offer almost only $5 cards. Sometimes the Daily Deals used to be able to be redeemed for points.  Not anymore.  They are all for purchase.


Now.  Have you noticed that previously they had sweepstakes that offered gift cards that were $200 with 10 winners, now none are being offered?  And the $100 gift card sweepstakes that used to have 20 winners now only have 10 winners.  This results in more than a 50% reduction in rewards on sweepstakes.  The rewards keep getting smaller and smaller.

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Hello Rewards Warriors,

I tried to redeem to my points for Starz gift card to no avail.  Purchased 3 last year in a month, now it's once only 😢.


No one wants a $5 gift card when you spend $10 in gas to get to the place, and added money to make a purchase.  The Rewards program doesn't have seniors best interest at heart.


We are only valued for how much money we can spend😢


Have a Blessed Day,



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After the catalog maintenance on 6/22/2021, there are fewer "points only"  gift cards available.  A lot of the $5 gift cards disappeared after the maintenance.  Hope more will be added to replace them.



Merkle Inc is trying their best to run the program in the ground instead of telling AARP Corporate that its more than they can handle and appoint someone that has the knowhow on running a fun filled and rewarding rewards program for its members. 

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I support suspending the AARP rewards program for 3 months and bringing it back revamped.


Right now it is kind of a hot mess.

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AristotleOfGreece:  I would not support a 3 month suspension.  If they were to do that, I doubt it would not be for 3 months, it would probably never come back.  

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The major change to the program should be to make this a rewards program exclusive to AARP members and not allow the general public to join.

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You are right. Pay for membership to get AARP perks. It isn't that expensive to become a member.



“Trump masquerades as an angel of light, but he is the father of lies”
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