When do the sold out items get reset?

Do the constantly shown SOLD OUT items ever get reset for more chances? When? How? Or get rid of the ones sold out. And why are CONTRIBUTIONS sold out??

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Is there a reason, that AARP won't answer your question?  Why display "Sold Out" items?


Hello everyone 😊. They don't have a answer. My opinion is that, this is to give the impression that they are giving us what we have been asking for. Ha ha. You know Items For Points. Also, by the time you go thru all the Sold Out Items there might be a new one and when you try to redeem points for it, it's gone. They have all kinds of tricks. Like the Extra Credit. I didn't realize that a item was part of the Extra Credit and when I completed the section the gift card was gone. Anyway, I believe that they must have only 5 if that many each of these gift cards for points. I'm just saying

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Is it just me or have they cleaned up the 'sold out' items?  I noticed this afternoon that there are only 2 sold out items where this morning there were like 25 of them. 


If this has been cleaned up, thank you!! Please keep it neat and pretty.


3:14 pm est only 1 item for points. Bravo for the clean up. Now if they could be nice and clean up the Instant Win games that are not available, then I would be inclined to give their IT department 5 Stars for a job well done. You're on a roll people, don't stop now. I'm just saying

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Yes, it appears the 'Sold Out' situation has been remedied! 🙂


You have to do what I do.  Look at the barrage of Sold Out signs as a description of what AARP Rewards has done to its members.

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'Sold Out,' items need to go away once they are sold out, plain and simple. It's a tactic made by AARP that I do not understand! I have no other way to put it because it makes no sense to keep those sold out items on the page, whatsoever. @AARPTerri Please let us know if anything will change in the near future. Thank you. 

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The "Sold Out" items clutter the catalog; On one hand, I can understand the offerings from the current month remaining until month-end.  However, on the other hand, "sold out" items obscure viewing available items in the catalog.


Possibly, "sold out" items could be cleared each week, as an alternative?


Great comments...It is always better that AARP Rewards know what we want, rather than sitting on our hands when we have constructive advice to share.



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I was hoping the sold out items would reset at the first of the month. Here it is Jan 4 and there are 25 sold out items listed, most from December. This is a hot mess. Time for AARP Rewards to get to work and clean it up. Having sold out items listed for more than a day is not useful.

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@DavidR398088 wrote:

Do the constantly shown SOLD OUT items ever get reset for more chances? When? How? Or get rid of the ones sold out. And why are CONTRIBUTIONS sold out??

It is pretty clear AARP is moving more towards having users use points on sweepstakes now instead of redeeming their rewards on gift cards or prizes.


I would advise at the beginning of the month redeem your points and use your 3 redemptions right away. There is no time to wait anymore.



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@DavidR398088   This is the first month that the sold out items have displayed in this manner.  Most are the extra credit deals that come on the first of the month.   I imagine they will changed out on January 1.   Same with the donation.  I asked that question about the donations.   As several of us imagined, there is a set amount for the donation and when that is reached it is sold out.   I would think this is the amount the program operator gives back to AARP.   When asked, management said it was not public.   It sells out pretty quickly now almost like everything else.  My personal belief is that there are more participants than the vendor can provide rewards or donations for.

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