Tricky, very Tricky!

For almost a month now I have been clicking on the Omaha Steaks sweepstakes to enter for $100 value.  Today, seeing the same image I clicked on it only to find I put a $25 for $20 cash card in my cart.  That was new.  A new low?


I was able to remove it from my cart without losing anything.


Be careful out there.






Yeah, there's an "extra credit" offer for the same brand, using the same image. Especially tricky when you try to do this stuff right after waking up in the morning. My stuffy head easily gets things wrong at that time - lol


I have accidentally clicked that offer to buy the gift card a number of times when I was trying to enter the sweepstakes.Easy to confuse the two offers.No harm done.Would have to enter a payment method in order to purchase it anyway.No way to be charged for it without doing so.

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