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Top Golf Instant Wins...Two at once?!?

Social Butterfly

Top Golf Instant Wins...Two at once?!?

I have never seen that much interest for the Top Golf

gift cards in the Rewards program and now we have

two instant win games at the same time.


There was a time that you couldn't even get rid of

the Top Golf gift cards for points-only and I think they

were $90 gift cards, or some other high dollar

amount at some point.

How about more general use gift cards or Kroger,

which we never see for instant wins!  You can buy Kroger cards

for cash but you can't win them.


Add your favorite gift card that is (almost) never

offered as an instant win that you would like to see!

The Rewards program always wants feedback, huh, huh?



Honored Social Butterfly

What do you mean? There's already a Top Golf IW winner! 😉


Let's not too soon forget that the Wayfair IW just left yesterday, and is back today. Welllll. 


Pure comedy. 

-`♡´- World Keeps Spinning. -`♡´-
Super Contributor

You are so right Andrew. Back in the day with Rewards For Good and when we could redeem all 3 redemptions for one vendor I got $50 gift cards. My brother in law in Baton Rouge loves the game so I got them for him. 
Kudos for Kroger, and bring back Omaha Steak gift cards too.

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