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Thats correct. I lost the opportunity to redeem two (2) of my three (3) allocated redemptions for the month of October. Well lost might not be the best word, how about “something that has been taken away and cannot be replaced or recovered”

I am not stupid and had I been given the chance to redeem these rewards I would have done so. There were no, none, nada, zilch “points only rewards” offered in MY catalog after the first week of October, except that brain thing and a donation selection. I am convinced there are different catalogs for different members. A few of you know that I have expressed the “bird in the hand” concept more than once in my post. As I said, after the first week there was nothing offered for me to use my redemptions. This never happened under the old R4G program and not this one until this month (October). 


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Chances of points only rewards being absent from your catalog are rather slim.  What I have found, both in actual experience and talking to an AARP rep is that this is getting more and more competitive all the time.  Rewards are disappearing quickly.  Sometimes in a matter of minutes.  Sitting on the 3 digital rewards per month is a measured risk.  


Additionally, the normal train of thought around here is it's cheap to only offer 3 digital prizes per month, and slim pickings of the likes of points only rewards.  I'm not quite sure of the facts on company donations for prizes, but there's an economic crunch in the business world, and that any points only rewards are available would seem to be worthy of salutation, rather than wanting an arm after being given an inch. 



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I agree there is an element of risk when you wait for something you can use but when there is absolutely nothing available you have no choice.

Your reference "Chances of points only rewards being absent from your catalog are rather slim" is very disingenuous. I happen to know for a fact that for the last 3 weeks of October there were no points only rewards in MY catalog other than a 9000 points brain test. I guess your catalog offered more lucrative rewards. Make no mistake, the companies that supply these rewards cards are not doing so out of the goodness of their hearts. They are in it for the PROFIT realized.

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