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Get now Amazon card

Wow saw one get it

Later add-on comment 

Makes me eat my words happily to digest & gobble them up 

Yippe Ginger : ) 

Screenshot_20201029-111556_Samsung Internet.jpg


Social Butterfly


Great post, Gem! It is not showing for me now but it is now

an hour and a half later than your post.


This seems to be a very popular points-only option.

We are shopping so much more from home and Amazon

frequently has good prices.


I couldn't redeem it because of the 3 points-only limit, but

a relatively good offer.


Again, thanks for posting.

Social Butterfly


Thanks! Yes Andrew it was gone fast...I got 1 did screenshot posted went back got another since you'd told me could get more than 1... wish I'd gotten 3 since was 29th but was gone by time tried but getting 2 was very nice used them immediately

I'm a big Amazon customer order pet treats & otc meds personal care items & lots stuff & love ordering for grandkids and getting shipped to them... they enjoy getting stuff sent to them ....since pandemic I did checking into Amazon Fresh Orders get many groceries & pet items at better prices than Walmart /Sam's & couple things can't find anywhere else and free shipping with $35 purchase & delivery within 2 hours if chose... I've done 2 orders and was very nice experience 1st one didn't do any cold or produce items but decided other day to try several of both & even a frozen pizza & green onions which all was ok ... so a blessing indeed since I'm not doing much driving with arm and hand in cast... apologize sound like advertisement I realize everyone doesn't like Amazon also I'm near Raleigh so not aware if available to everyone 🤔


Anyway, I'll be trying check more randomly throughout the day than I have in past since now know they do appear although still believe its rare occasions 

Enjoy and have a beautiful week !

Thanks, Ginger  :  )


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