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Safeway Instant Win Unfair

Today, once again, we have a Safeway $5 Instant Win.  Great for some people.  It is not great for others.  We have not had a Safeway anywhere near me for years.  The same can be said about some other Instant Wins gift cards.  I live in a large city and some of the gift cards offered are not of any use to me.  I say it is unfair simply because AARP members who live in areas where there are Safeway or other places, such as Uno Pizza, have a definite advantage since there is no need for someone like me to try for the Instant Win.

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Hello @J896552 

 I posted about the unfairness of Uno and Tim Horton immediately after they were added to the catalog, and now Safeway.


I agree and say again this is very unfair to the rest of the country.  AARP Rewards not all your members live in the East.


Replace the UNO with national pizza chains (i.e. Domino's, Pappy John's, Pizza Hut, etc.) and the Tim Horton's with Starbucks.


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Everywhere in the U.S.Everywhere in the U.S.Screenshot_2020-02-20 pizza establishments that are national - Google Search.png

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I heartly agree: No Safeway, No Uno Pizza, No Tim Horton, No Land Ends. AARP Rewards can do better. Just Saying

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