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SHOWTIME ECards, and the SHOWTIME streaming service


Back on 04-05-2021 I sent the following message:

'It looks like some people redeemed their points last week for the SHOWTIME points-only Ecards. 

Does anyone actually know of someone that successfully used one of the Showtime gift cards, and continues to subscribe to their streaming service?

If so, any reviews about the service?'


The message had over 350 views, but no replies.

I see that there is another points-only SHOWTIME Ecard available now, so I thought I'd ask again if

anyone knows of anyone that has used one of these Ecards, and is currently subscribed to the service. ???

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The easiest way to get answers to all the questions is just type something like "using a Showtime gift card" into a Google search.All the details are on Showtime site under the Help section.I had trouble when I first signed up with issues on their site but hopefully that is corrected now.I haven't had any issues in recent months.

I use it once in awhile simply because I like other services better.Showtime has a lot of shows other streaming services don't have.There is a free 30 day trial and $4.99 a month for 3 months which is a good deal.You can sign up with a gift card but you wont get the trial or the $4.99 deal.I think its $11 per month or $100 for a year.You can NOT use gift cards if you are signed up with ShowTime under another service.You have to go directly to their site and sign up for an account through their site.

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Hi MemberSince2006,


Thank you for your reply.

I was actually already aware of the Showtime streaming sign-up (separate from the other service providers), and trial period... but I have another question for you.


I tried to send you a Private Message, but got the following alert:

  • 'None of the users have PM enabled. Message will not be sent.'

Could you please try to send me a Private Message? 

Kind regards,


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