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48,000 Points Deducted & No Gift Card Email

Hello Rewards Warriors,


I used 48,000 points to purchase the $25 Paramount+ gift card and didn't receive email with card.  The points were deducted immediately as usual.


Has anyone had this problem with the Paramount gift card?


@AARPTeri could you please assist with me getting the email.


Thanks in advance for any help from Management.


Have a Blessed Day,


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Yesterday, I purchased the Amazon gift card for 20,000 points.  The email arrived but when I opened it, there was nothing there!  I called Customer Service; they resend the email.  Still nothing in the email.  They will look into the problem.  Just wondering if this happened to anyone else?

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Yes, I've had it where first it wasn't there and then it was, sometimes it is not opening when prompted, but does later.  Also, you need to keep clicking on whatever prompts are there.

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I know you have probably looked, but have you checked your spam folder.  I purchased the Amazon card today for 20,000 points.  And for the first time the email ended up in my spam folder.  Other emails have gone to my spam folder in the past, but never any gift card redemptions.  At first I thought I would have to wait until Monday to call and find out what happened to the email.  Was very surprised, relieved, and happy to find it there.

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Sorry this happened to you. 


Perhaps related to another problem. See: for something similar including for myself.


I'm confident AARP will get this all resolved, but... well... sigh... 😞


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