No points for watching video…two times!!

No points for watching Beginner Yoga – Tree Pose video…two times!!

I tried a 2nd time & watched the whole vid twice…. No points …waste of time!☹️

& NO...I didn't already watch it...& it was one of the 1st vids I tried to watch ,,,so it's not a MAX OUT prob either!!


…that …& the next page I visited said:

An Unexpected Error has occurred 🤔 ….

(Which I just posted as a separate topic)


….also… nothing to use points for 😭….another month ends …only got 2 fricken $5 GCs  & can’t even use a 3rd reward …AGAIN!!…. bummer!!


This rewards prog needs major overhaul….geared towards actually giving us something of value…rather than measly $5 GCs…if they’re not already sold out!

not overly happy with this rewards prog 🤕

No pointsNo points


Social Butterfly

Greetings... as previously posted, I sometimes receive the same message but then check transaction activity and did receive, so please try that.





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Hi  @WebWiseWoman 💐

Thank you kindly for your response

I did check….. & even after a 2nd watch the whole way thru it never showed up in my transaction activity! 😿

I did however, watch it today & got the points as usual.

Take care ~Allen 🌈

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I, too, have one redeem remaining. I think it's interesting AARP made available (again) the old mag subs, which I actually redeemed many moons ago. So, to help you out, if they do not provide another redeem between now and the new month reset tomorrow... Go to redeems, no filter, and scroll downward. You will see other mag subs you may be able to use/like. Yes, they are redeemable for points (ie, HGTV, Woman's Day, and Good Housekeeping). I may need to redeem those if no new redeems are made available tomorrow. It seems that, earlier this month, there were redeems for points that I could use in my region, then redeems became a bit more exotic, and way out of my region mid-month to present. Thus, I could not redeem anything even if I wanted to, for half of the month. I hear you, definitely. Hope you have a good weekend! 🙂

[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] (☉౪ ⊙)

Hi  @Jason2020

Thank you for your thoughtful response. While I’m not interested in redeeming for books/mags (I have more than enough as it is & prob never have the time to finish a 10th of what I have!), 😊 I’m simply tired of not having enough quality items to choose from.

At the last minute I got that measly $5 buybuybabybuybuybabybuybuybaby etc…..LOL….

so now I have 3 measly $5 GCs for the month!! 😏

Yay me! hahahaaaa

Hope you have a good weekend as well!

Take care ~Allen


Yay! You! 😉


Thank you, Allen. 🙂

[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] (☉౪ ⊙)

Hi  @Jason2020

Thank you😊

Yay! You too! hahahaaa😺

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