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New Way to Redeem Points: E-Greeting Cards

NEW - E-Greeting Cards


Send unlimited digital greeting cards instantly. Brighten someone’s day with a custom message to celebrate the holidays, an anniversary, a birthday, or send a thank-you note.

Use your points (500 points per card) to send a digital greeting card to family and friends.


View Cards here:


Tip: This new category of redemptions does not count toward any of your point-only monthly limits. These cards are available for unlimited redemptions.


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Hello Rewards Warriors,


E-Cards are free all over the internet.  

Just throw away your points, is that the offer AARP Rewards😣?


Have a Blessed Day


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Thank you, Teri. This is indeed an very nice idea. 

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We can also do the same thing in about a thousand places on the internet for free.


Nice try. How about something more meaningful instead, like some more gift cards for points, or have you already run out of your tiny allocation for this month?