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More Gift Cards to have as choices to redeem points

Hello AARP,

I am doing my best to build up my rewards points by daily log ins, and walking over 10,000 steps, etc.

I would like to see more choices of national chain stores, restaurants, and the like to be able to choose to redeem any rewards points that I have built up.  I'd be much more interested in those types of reward items than just using points for sweepstakes entries.

Do you think there will be more variety like this in the future for reward points redemption?

And please, let us all heed the warnings to stay safe during this Corona Virus outbreak.  May God keep watch over us & keep us healthy.

Thanks in advance for your time & reply,


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Hello @TamandHG, the AARP Rewards catalog is continuously evolving to bring you hand-picked deals and savings to make your day easier and more rewarding.


Yes, stay safe! In the face of this outbreak, AARP is providing information and resources to help older people and those caring for them protect themselves from the virus and prevent it spreading to others. You can find AARP's coronavirus resources and latest news at: https://


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Hello Diana & AARP,

I hope you all are staying as safe & well as possible through these trying times during the COVID-19 pandemic!

I see that the AARP Rewards catalog does now include a lot more offerings for redeeming points for gift cards for larger, well known, national chain stores & restaurants!  YEAH - Thank You!  Looking forward to future additions to the list of choices!

Be Safe - Stay Well!


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You're welcome, @TamandHG. Thanks for taking the time to share with us and for your kind words. Be safe. 🙂

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