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Janelle would you look into 2 missing emails from Dec 1.  I redeemed 16000 points for a $5 Target and 11000 points for a $5 Domino's between 1:00 and 2:00 am. My account transactions confirm the redemptions. The Extra Credits for December was misbehaving that morning and may have had a hand in this. This is the first time EVER, that I failed to get my email's ( I checked the spam folder )

any help would be appreciated. 

Thank You 

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@rednexsrus   I did check your Rewards and I'm unable to verify these two transactions on your account so I've escalated the issue and a member from AARP Rewards team will reach out to you in 3-5 business days by email. We appreciate you being a loyal Rewards member and thanks for reaching out! 

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Well now lets see, You say you were unable to verify my two Dec 1 redemptions in question. Why don't you try looking under the Transaction History for that date !!



Surly they taught that in Jerk Around School. Delay, Delay, Delay 

"3-5 business days" that is managements standard reply along with "I will escalate this issue"  

Just anything to pass the buck. Try 10, that's right 10 days and I am no closer to getting these two gift cards OR a refund of 27000 reward points and reinstatement of my two reward redemptions 

OH, while you are at it look into the other missing redemption email for a $5 Starbucks on Dec 7. Yeah, Yeah I requested help on that one too.  Emails, post and AARP live Chat. Same runaround there too  😞  Refund is now 37000 points and reinstate all of my 3 rewards redemptions for the month.starbucks 2.jpg




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