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June 2023 Extra Credit

I believe this month deserves its own topic.


This month was a trial of error messages and retaking/replaying reward requirement quizzes and videos.


There were so many different error messages that I can't possibly remember them all.


Yes, "Need more time...", "Delay", "Refresh your browser..."  However, my "favorite" error was ,Item not found in catalog, after pressing redeem on the Burger King GC. Eventually I was able to redeem it.


But, by about 12:30AM I was done, except for looking out for redemption confirmations.  I just got my last confirm at 12:42AM as I am writing this.  I got my three GCs...Amazon, Papa Johns, and Burger King.


I hope others could get the gift cards out of the Extra Credit offerings that they wanted.


I just continued trying, error message after error message and by about the 3rd or 4th try, I got to move forward in the process.  We have become accustomed to this and attack the Extra Credit opportunities with bulldog tenacity.  It wasn't pretty...but at least I'm done for the month.


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You were more patient than I was...... I gave up and didn't complete any of the EC activities.

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Admin back to it's old tricks 

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Agreed! 🙂  In addition, Amazon is already 'Sold Out!'




@KellytheBelly wrote:

'Sorry, we are experiencing longer than expected delays in your point redemption, but your transaction is confirmed. Please check your transaction history in a couple of minutes. Thank you for your patience.'


and then, 


'Oops! An error occurred. Please refresh your browser to get back on track.'


If you see these errors, 'Refresh,' and CHECK TRANSACTION HISTORY. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE REDEMPTION, GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN. I had to do this twice, because of the errors tonight. And, finally received an email confirmation. This month was not as smooth as May was. 😒

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I fell asleep....I'm kind of glad I did....

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