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Is anyone else having problems with the Free Method

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Is anyone else having problems with the Free Method

Hello everyone 🤗. Is anyone else having a problem with the Free Method. It won't let me get pass the Continue page. I tried for the $10 Cheesecake IW and it keeps saying Let's sign you up for the Rewards Program. This also happened when I tried for the $15 Overstock IW. ( If I didn't know any better I'd think my name is on a Do not let win list 🤭 ) . I've never had a problem before. My membership is up at the end of April and I don't plan on renewing. I've tried everything from clearing out my cache files and restarting my phone and still Nothing. I'm just saying

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I much rather give up 50 points to play the IW games as it's too time consuming going the free method route, and then having to deal with intermittent errors which takes up even more time.  Much easier giving up 50 points to get to the "Sorry, you didn't win today"  message.

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