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Hi Teri @AARPTeri 

A week ago, you sent an email indicating that the daily win will increase from 100 to 125; this has been of course postponed to next month, so you said afterwards.

What was missing in both emails was that the number of days an instant win runs changed as well: 8 days for one instant win instead on 7. The odds are not better than before, even if 125 becomes true..

Way to go AARP, tricking customers into thinking something improves when it does not!

Dear Teri, please comment. Thank you.

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There's an issue with Instant Win games tonight (August 24, 2021).  When you click to play, the message "This item not found in the system" appears.  Hope this is a temporary issue.

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Yes, it appears so, plus, no register of videos being watched. Whatevs, no big surprise, here! 😉 

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@JoLo49 @KellyS503189 The instant win entry pages appear to be fixed. Let me know if you are still having issues with entering the instant win games. 

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My Transaction History has not been updated since Aug. 22, 2021, but the points earned appears to have been added in.  There's been so many issues with the site lately..

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Here are a few examples of the Instant Win glitch @AARPTeri @ or @AARPJanelleM ... wtf 2.pngwtf.png

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Well as I have stated before AARP is not sympathetic to the grievances of the paid members. Not only did they postpone their new and wonderful plan but now we find out that it's basically same old unwinnable game they just changed the packaging. 


Unwinnable is so correct. Is anyone actually winning these daily instant wins?

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Not I! All month, not one instant win. Playing every day, using my hard earned points with a quick slap in the face with, 'Sorry no instant win this time,' or whatever the message says. I mean, it's a negative part of my life, but it used to not be as bad! It's like AARP is the sadist and I am a... well, you know. 😉

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I've played daily for months and months and never won a thing. Are there really prizes to be won?

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I use the points.

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I've won in the past. FYI. That's the only reason I keep trying! I just miss the gift box with the confetti. 😉

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