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Instant win game question

@AARPTeri   or any of our admins,


I see that some instant win games are remaining up for multiple days.  Is this intentional or a glitch?  When I read the official rules, it says 100 prizes for the promotional period.  It doesn't say what that is.   Are the 100 prizes over ever how many days it's up or per day?      Are all the prizes given the first day of listing and the rest of the time display is in error?    

I've been entering each day I see the listing but am beginning to think this is a mistake.

Info appreciated and thanks in advance.

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You are all making the erroneous assumption that AARP gives a crap about anything you're saying.

They do what they want, when they want. They post, list, and remove things on their own schedule and they don't care if there's an error or if we're wasting points on some lame sweepstakes that's been long-since over but is still posted. 


@AARPTeri   or any of our admins,

The questions in this thread are of interest to the members. I do not understand why no answer is coming forth.

I have noticed that most of the daily posts from Teri are not particularly useful; one can easily find what the daily deal is the day before when the daily deal is finished; it is also simple to find out what the new activities are.

Answers to questions would be superb and most appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Does the 100 chances to win an Instant Win mean a 100 chances over how many days the Instant Win is active or 100 chances every day?  I have been entering daily and have not won anything.  I am beginning to believe there are 100 total wins over several days.  If so, it is fun to TRY to win daily but the odds of winning are very, very low and points disappear rapidly.  Really wasting points.  

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@11320cs  @clbutorac 


No, our questions haven't been answered.  Maybe @AARPTeri  is off this week.  

I did look again at the official rules.  They are still entering one instant win per day.  I don't understand why NEW came up as the date on those remained their initial date....and state 100 prizes per promotional period.    Either they are new and the rules have not been posted (that's never happened before to my knowledge) or they are not really new and the 100 winners are over an unspecified longer time....or the 100 winners are the first day as they usually are and we are wasting points.  

I hope @AARPTeri   will come on and answer this for us.

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Did anyone answer this?  I was wondering the same thing.  I don't want to waste my points if the prize is no longer available!

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@clbutorac   Can't answer about the ones I was asking about, but I did notice today that they say "NEW".   Those should be new but if they say the same tomorrow, who knows?

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@clbutorac @carlmittain @a170938b @11320cs 


Hello Everyone!


The Instant Win games have recently been expanded with additional brands and a variety of values and more opportunities to play. Each Instant Win runs for a total of 7 days with 100 winners each. The amount of games available have also increased with at least 7 live at any given time. The disclaimer for each Instant Win lists the specific end dates for each game as well as the link to the corresponding official rules.


Hope this helps!

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Thank you, Teri. Though I read the rules, I am still unsure on one point. 100 winners over a week period for one prize, right? not 100 winners a day during the duration?

It seems to me that it is only 100 winners per duration period. Please confirm. I thank you in advance.

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Each Instant Win game will have 100 winners over the duration of game period (7 days).

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Hey Teri

Since y'all have cut our chances to win down ;(

🤔How about upping our opportunities to play per day to 7?/4? Or give us ways to earn more plays per day? Anything more than 1 be better 😍

Whatcha think? 

Thanks for your time & help

Ginger  ;  )

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Think this change stinks! 😡

Was tough winning when was 100 per day.... but was average 4 per hour....NOW major change 100 wins per week (168 hours) is 14 wins per day less than .59 chance an hour vs 4

Adding more than 1 each day just way use up points & giving illusions of more available to win 😞 


Thanks to all for asking about this I wondered & sad say was luck of draw b4 now its a shot in dark

Wasting my breath cause powerless over actions of others

Stay safe enjoy your blessings! 

Ginger  ;  )


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@gm5271   Yes, it gives the illusion of more ways to win when actually it's less.  Thanks for quantifying that.   We may be AARP age but we are not stupid.  Instant wins greatly downgraded while dressed up to look like an improvement.

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Thank you @AARPTeri  for your reply.

It appears the same number of prizes will be awarded in a given week but many more entries per prize.

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