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Hooters gift card?


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Lookee what I see today! hahaha


August is month of Hooters. ;)August is month of Hooters. 😉


Good news! There are two (2) Hooters gift cards now. One for EC, and another Non-EC. 😆

[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] (☉౪ ⊙)
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Too funny!!


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did we notice that the website runs much smoother when the gift cards are not as desirable ??  just sayin' ...... 😉 can't have our cake and eat it too !  (although if you sign up for a Cold Stone Creamery account, you'll get a BOGO on your birthday and the $5 gift card will just about cover it, so a pretty good deal for FREE ! 😎) enjoy 😋  

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and, btw, altho we focus on the freebies, the 20% off gift cards are still a pretty darn good deal if you shop there ......

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On July 1, I missed out on the extra credit offerings b/c I was sleeping at midnight. They were gone by 7:30 AM EST that same day.


This month, I stayed up past midnight, still EST, only to see Hooters, The Popcorn Factory, and offerings. What a waste of sleep. What are the people at AARP rewards thinking? Does the $5 GC even cover shipping for The Popcorn Factory or it's other brands? 


It looks like Rewards personnel were doing some early Fall cleaning and just grabbed the dregs of what was in the junk drawer for extra credit rewards this month. Hopefully that junk drawer is now nice and clean and next month's offerings will be better.


BTW, I opted for Coldstone Creamery. It was the ONLY reasonable GC available though I never go there. I found that one is a couple of miles away from my home. Guess I'll be trying it.  

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Glad I didn't stay up till midnight this month, very disappointing!

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This definitely is the worst collection of Extra Re-gret rewards admin has ever come up with.

@zapatero comment is right on. Not only inappropriate but from what I have seen most of these establishments are closing.


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I think AARP has hit an all time low this month with the extra credit gift cards!

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Waste of time to do this month. Nothing is great! There is more buying then spending points this time. What is up with that?

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All of the Extra Credit Deals are disappointing this month. 

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IKR?! Perfect for AARP non-members. 😉

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