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Gift cards value

What does saving a dollar or two on a gift card do. And redeeming a five dollar gift card doesn’t really help. Once upon a time $25 gift cards could be redeemable. Once my membership expires, I won’t be renewing. AARP seem to be spending money on lobbyists in DC.

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I hear you.  Mostly $5, but occasionally  $10 gift cards are available.  I wish we could have some $25 GC, but I still enjoy the AARP Rewards, despite the decreasing value of the gift cards. 

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Hello everyone 🤗. I hear you but not in any life time. As for the $10 e-gift cards, those should be for members only. I see a lot of $5 e-gift cards for members only. What's up with that? Now as for purchasing those so called discount gift cards for a few dollars less doesn't make sense. No matter where we turn, people are always trying to take advantage of people and especially us Seniors. My opinion is that AARP no longer have seniors needs as their main concern. They are more concerned with making Money. I don't care what anyone says about their non profit status. Where's all the money they're making going? Programs in our communities , discounts and other benefits are not what this issue is about. AARP LISTEN TO WHAT WE'RE SAYING. I'm just saying 

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@sattisfire I hope you reconsider and decide to stick with us! Your membership includes a long list of carefully selected discounts, products and services. Have you seen them all? I invite you to check out our membership site:

Also, have you interacted with us on a local level? Through our state offices and local chapters, we get involved with the issues that matter to your community. We’ll help you connect with others in your community through various advocacy and volunteer opportunities. To learn more about what AARP does, check out

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Listen to what @sattisfire is saying! You just dumb down the fact that at one point your members were actually satisfied with the way that things used to be, and now they are not. You know, and I know that we know what kind of discounts and various other things AARP offers. Yet, it would be nice if you acknowledged what your members are actually telling you. How can you improve this rewards program without feedback from your members, only for you to come in here and be condescending to your members! You have some nerve. Oh, and please stop with the red herring tactic. Thank you.

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